We promote the integration and empowerment of Syrians in British society and work towards rebuilding Syria as a free, civil and democratic state.


We work with our British partners to bring about policy to serve the creation of a democratic and free Syria that abides by international humanitarian and guarantees the universal human rights of Syrians in every aspect of political, professional and social life.  The Council also works to bring to justice those complicit in human rights violations pertaining to Syria. 




​We work to increase the awareness of Syrians within the UK with respect to laws and policies that are relevant to them, and to familiarise them with the means of bettering their circumstances. The Council also endeavours to highlight Syrian talents and initiatives, coordinating with governmental, non-governmental and academic bodies to create opportunities for Syrians to develop and learn. 

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Syrian British Council (SBCOUN) is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (11582740)